Ultimate Preemie Baby Boy Package

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• NICU Milestone Cards
• No Touching Car Seat Cover
• Car Seat Tag (choose your design)
• Paci Clip (choose your design)
• Baby On Board
• Medicine Chart

Some big things often have small beginnings. Having a preemie can be scary and a bit overwhelming. Connecting and celebrating little milestones that your preemie achieves through their NICU journey is an essential party of the healing process for a preemie parent. I've been there and I know how emotional it is when you finally get to hold your baby for the first time or the excitement you feel when they gain a couple of grams. This package includes Milestone Cards that will help you document each precious milestone on your journey home. It is also a great way to share you preemie's story with your family and friends online.

As a mom who set by her son's NICU bed for 70 days, I know the anxiety you feel when it is time to bring your preemie home. You want to keep them safe. You don't want them to get sick and wind up back in the hospital but you have all these doctor appointments to go to.  And let's face it,  you just have to go to the grocery store. People tend to flock to preemies. There is something so sweet and precious when it comes to little newborn babies, especially preemies that everyone wants to touch them. When someone touches your preemie they can pass contact germs that could include RSV, flu, cold and Roto Virus (to name a few) that a preemie's immune systems just can't handle.  This package will give preemie parents, like myself, peace of mind every time they leave the house. It includes a car seat cover with the words "I'm cute and cuddly but please don't reach in and touch little me." and if you are out and about utilizing your stroller or baby carrier then you can easily attach a please don't touch sign that you selected to keep strangers at bay.

Proudly display that your vehicle is a little bit more full with the included Baby on Board Sign. 

As your child grows, I want this package to grow with you. That is why it includes the "Please Don't Touch Little Me" paci clip. Easily attaches to most pacifiers and has a cute little saying reminding others to not touch your little one. Cutting down contact germs and cutting down the chances of having a sick baby and one tired momma. 

But I realize that life does happen sometimes and babies will get sick. After running on no sleep on night and fumbling to try and find the correct dosage of medicine to give my baby all while having a crying baby I decided to make a sheet that would be a cheat sheet for his medicine and the correct dosage for his weight and age. It has improved to the well thought out magnetic dry-erasable chart that allows you to write the medicine and the correct dosage. It doesn't stop there, it allows you to also put a checkmark if you given your child that medicine that morning or night.

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