The perfect way to capture, celebrate and remember every precious moment and unique milestone your little boy reaches during his journey from hospital to home.

Each card has space on the back to document the details of each milestone.

Pack of 30 cards includes 26 milestone cards + 4 'pick me ups'
2 tags include "____ lbs" and "____ weeks old" 

Pack of cards includes:
• Its a Boy
• Hello My Name Is (with a spot to put how many weeks)
• Birth Stats Card (can be placed on the outside of the incubator or crib
• Today is My Due Date
• First Cuddles with my Mom
• First Cuddles with my Dad
• Today I opened my eyes for the first time
• Hoot Hoot, I know I'm Cute But If You Touch You'll Get The Boot (hang on incubator or crib to kindly remind your visitors to not touch the baby, helps not pass them germs!)
• Today I gained weight for the first time
• I came off the vent today
• ____ Lbs
• _____ Weeks old 
• 1 Week old Card
• I came off CPAP today
• I had my first bath today
• Please Pray For Me
• I wore my first outfit today
• I had my first blowout today
• I graduate the NICU today
• I had my feeding tube removed today
• I am wire free
• today I tasted milk for the first time
• I had my first bottle today
• I had my first operation today
• I moved to an open crib
• I passed my car seat challenge
• He is a little fighter
• Good Morning Handsome
• Our little Miracle
• Heart Warrior

Size 4" x 4"

Printed on Non-Glare Cardstock. 

Express posted with tracking to ensure you don't miss a thing.

These signs were inspired by my own little preemie (30 weeks). I wish we had these while battling the trials of the NICU.

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